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Designing Your Cards….

Whether you're just learning how to creat your first business card, or an experienced print designer, you'll find the answers to virtually any design specification or file format question you'll encounter while preparing your print design files for print. Use the navigation buttons below to start with the most relevant topic for you.

(File Formats & Program Files below are listed in order of importance and our preference.
The higher on the list, the more we prefer that format/program!)

">Let us Design your business card, post card, brochure etc... Click here for more info.

General Design Specifications and Requirements
     CMYK vs. RGB
     Design Size
File Formats That We Prefer

Other Program Files That We'll Accept
     Macromedia Freehand
     Microsoft Publisher
     Adobe PDF
     Microsoft Powerpoint
     Adobe InDesign
     Adobe Pagemaker
     Microsoft Word

Extra Fees
     Other Design Charges
Download Templates For Your Software Program
     Photoshop Template
     Illustrator Template
     CorelDraw Template
     MS Publisher Template
     QuarkXpress Template
Compressing Your Files BEFORE Uploading
     Using WinZip for PC
     Using Stuffit for Mac
Sending Us Your Files
     Web-based FTP Upload
     FTP Client Upload
     Snail Mail